Introducing Kadabra - My New, Used x230

November 29, 2016

As I start to do more with a computer on the go, the netbooks I previously used just are not cutting it anymore. They were great for minimal use, but couldn't run VMs, over-heated, and didn't have great battery life. Now that I am going to libraries and other locations to work on personal and open source projects, I really needed a better mobile pc setup.

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Trying out snapd on Arch Linux

July 17, 2016

The past few weeks I have been listening to all of the buzz about Ubuntu "snaps", but I just recently decided to try this new technology out.

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Trying Out the Plasma 5 Desktop Environment

June 26, 2016

After watching the continued development of the Plasma 5 desktop environment from a distance, I determined I needed to give it another try. It was just before version 5.6 was released, and the project appeared to be finding it's stride. Right up front, I want to come clean and admit that I have never really liked the KDE/Plasma desktop environment (more on that below). However, with that said... I am still using the plasma desktop on my main computer (months later, and haven't aborted yet**...). Here are my thoughts.

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Using Cryogen for Website

April 13, 2016

Ever since resurrecting my personal website, I have experimented with several static website generators. Thus far, I have tried org-page, Jekyll (several times), and even (almost) made my own emacs org-page solution. Now that I have started using the clojure programming language, I have come across cryogen. As you may have already guessed, this site is now being generated using cryogen.

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Back On Arch, After Frantic Distro-hopping

March 13, 2016

In the last few weeks, I have started my CS masters classes, and needed to setup a productive work environment on my portable laptop (abra). Also, while I love Fedora, the Nvidia stuff was being a pain on my main computer (alakazam), and I was looking for a replacement there as well. So, after a long, drawn out battle trying nearly all of my favorite Linux distros, I have found myself once again using Arch Linux on both of my personal computers.

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