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Posted by Ryan Himmelwright on Sat, May 13, 2023
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This is an RSS-only post! (It's a secret 😉). Read more about RSS Club.

I just figured out a way to enable ‘rss-only’ posts on my website. Basically, it means if you’re getting and reading my posts via rss, you see this. If you’re just browsing the website index… you won’t (however you can still access the page via direct link).

It’s a little nod and thank you to rss users out there 🙂.

I came across the idea after adding to my feed reader. He’s part of something called the rss-club, and I love it. There are others in the club that I also follow, but I never realized I was getting rss only posts from them 😄.

Anyway, I liked the idea and wanted to implement it on my website for a few reasons:

  • First, I do love RSS and want to encurrage the use of it, especially those that write and maintain personal blogs.
  • Second, I have been thinking about ways to semi-publish less technical and informal posts, without watering down the main content of the site… this might be a way to do that, but I’m still deciding.

Long story short, if you subscribe to this website via rss… thank you! I’ll try to add quick and fun posts to the feed on occasion.

– Ryan

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